Our History

Where we came from

CE-credits.ca has been faithfully serving Financial Planners / Advisors in Canada since 2012. The company was founded by Alan Hoffman as a reaction to being audited by FSCO (now FSRA) for CE Credits at his license renewal.

In that first year, the website was launched and 3 in-person CE Events ran to rave reviews. Since then, the industry has evolved and CE-credits.ca has evolved and grown exponentially since, with Covid-19 necessitating the evolution to a 100% online platform.

Where we are

Today, CE-credits.ca leads all private CE Providers by providing well over 100,000 CE Credits to the industry every year. Our CE-Now.ca website is the easiest and most advanced CE Portal in the industry, and our content is unmatched in breadth and in relevance.

Our specialized courses and bundles check all the boxes in providing the content you want, as well as the CE Credits that your Governing Bodies require. We build 40+ new courses every year to continue to provide the new information you and your business needs. AND we own a library of over 300+ on demand presentation videos that any Advisor can access at any time.

Where we are going

The future of Continuing Education is an exciting one. More Content, More Convenience, and More Relevance!

As with many things in this world, the only constant in the Financial Planning industry is change. CE-credits.ca is not only ready to change as needed, but we continue to evolve so that we can be your CE Solution for the rest of your career!

Building the Right Solution

What’s in a Name?

If you are in the Financial Services industry, then you need Continuing Education Credits to renew your license(s) and designation(s).  So if you need CE Credits in Canada, then why not get them from CE-credits.ca?  Go to a CE Provider that was built to provide you what you need for your career.

Asking the Right Questions

If you were going to build a new solution, what questions would you try to answer?

  1. What information does an Advisor need to build and run their practice?
  • Earlier in our careers, the leadership of CE-credits.ca were Financial Advisors. We always knew what we wanted to learn at CE Events, but unfortunately we never got it.
  • Now that we had a chance to build our own CE Agendas, we wanted to see more than just Insurance and Investment presentations.
  • Business Strategies, Client Issues, New Perspectives, Different Perspectives, Ethics, Advanced Industry Information and of course, Insurance and Investments.
  1. What can we do to make sure that the CE Credits count for the licenses and designations you have?
  • Step 1: Learn who the Regulators in the industry are. Connect with them and gain an understanding of what they want an Advisor to do. Learn the CE Requirements for every License and Designation in the industry. Learn what is acceptable to each of them as a CE Credit.
  • Step 2: Learn what we have to do to ensure that every presentation is acceptable, and then get every presentation accredited!
  • Step 3: Create a CE Certificate that is accepted by every Governing Body in Canada, and submit a sample to each of them for their approval.
  1. How can you find and attract the Presenters who can provide the information Advisors are looking for?
  • Start with the people you met as an advisor, and then build your reputation by providing those presenters with the opportunity to grow their business. While it is a simple premise, we always have to answer the question “What’s in it for me?” from all perspectives, including that of the presenters.
  • Today, we have built our reputation to the point that presenters contact us and ask us to present. This has resulted in providing a much greater breadth of information then we ever imagined, and we have been able to accomplish our goal of now providing the kind of CE Events that we always wanted when we were Advisors.

Our Team

Alan Hoffman

Alan Hoffman founded CE-credits.ca in 2012.

Alan uses his extensive experience earned over 14 years as an Advisor, AGA Leader, and Business Development Manager to ensure that every CE Event is a new experience for the first-time attendee, as well as for the advisor who earns CE Credits with us every year.

Alan’s talent is to recognize the 3 perspectives at every event, and to find a way to balance them all, so that everyone gets more than they expect. The 3 perspectives are those of the Advisors, the Presenters, and the industry’s Governing Bodies.

Alan’s Career Highlights

  • 1993 – Graduated Schulich School of Business with Honors
  • 1996 – Started in the industry with London Life
  • 2001 – Entered the independent MGA world
  • 2007 – Established an AGA, with 24 advisors
  • 2010 – Moved to a BDM role with a National organization
  • 2012 to present – Operating CE-credits.ca and CE-Now.ca

Nadine Freed

Nadine Freed joined CE-credits.ca in 2015 as the Operations Manager.

Nadine brings her years of CSR experience to the table to ensure that all of the Administrative details for the events, the on-demand, and the CE Certificates are processed quickly and accurately. Nadine is the force driving the office to provide the highest level of Client Service that all of our clients deserve.

Nadine’s Career Highlights

  • 1988 – Executive Assistant to the Director at the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • 2012 – CSR Specialist at a National Property Appraisal Management Firm.
  • 2015 – VP, Operations at CE-credits.ca

Bruce Unsal

Bruce Unsal joined CE-credits.ca in 2017 as a Partner and Executive Consultant.  Bruce brings his extensive business experience to this role. 

Bruce is the full-time Managing Director / Financial Advisor in his own Financial Advisory Firm.

Your Presenters

Your presenters are the greatest difference makers at CE-credits.ca. They bring a passion and expertise for their topics to their presentations as they spread their infectious inspiration to all who watch them.

More than 200 presenters representing over 90 companies have graced the stages at CE-credits.ca events, live webcasts, and the on demand library since 2012.

Yet with so many differences among them, there are two things that they all share… Passion & Relevance.