Our History

Alan Hoffman started CE-credits.ca in June 2012 as a result of being the subject of a CE Audit by FSCO. After about 6 weeks of research about the CE Provider industry, Alan realized that there was a big gap in the Live Event side of the industry and CE-credits.ca was born with a single-page website and 3 live events.

Company Milestones

2012 – CE-credits.ca founded – 3 Toronto Events

2013 – 13 Ontario Events, expanded to Ottawa, London, Kitchener, and Hamilton

  • Launched New CE-credits.ca Website – version 2

2014 – 18 Ontario Events, expanded to Casino Niagara, Casino Rama, and Kingston

2015 – Launched new updated CE-credits.ca website – version 3

2016 – CE-credits.ca goes National!

  • Added the CFP Professional Responsibility Credit to our events
  • Added Live WebCasts in April
  • Added On-Demand in October

2017 – The Big Step Forward!

  • Launched CE-Now.ca On-Demand website
  • Launched new updated CE-credits.ca website – version 4
  • Created and Launched CE-Tracker.ca online CE Tracking Service

Since starting in 2012, CE-credits.ca has grown and evolved every year. One of the greatest advantages that CE-credits.ca had, was the amazing generosity of the Financial Advisors attending our events. At every event since we began, we consistently asked our attendees what they wanted. They spoke, and we listened!

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National Live WebCasts

In April 2016 we WebCast our first live event across Canada from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Victoria, BC and many points in between. Boy have we learned a lot since then. We improved the sound quality, the video quality, changed WebCast Partners, and created a better screen layout to maximize the remote viewing experience for all those who choose the WebCast. Our simple goal is to give you the experience of being in the room, even if you are 3,500 kms away!

From On-Demand to CE-Now.ca

Our next step was to take the recordings from our WebCast events and make them available to Financial Advisors on-demand. In October 2016 we launched CE Credits on-demand. While many advisors earned their CE Credits, it was not simple. In July 2017, we finally launched a true on-demand service called CE-Now.ca. Now it’s easy to find the CE Credits that you need, for whatever License or Designation that you have CE Credits outstanding. CE-Now has Credits in English & French, as well as being accredited for multiple governing bodies.

Are you curious to about the presentations we have On-Demand, or if we have the CE Credits that your governing body accepts?
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CE-Tracker… The Game Changer

2017 saw the launch of an idea that we had early in 2016. The inception of the idea was simple… “it’s too bad there is no way to track CE Credits online.” The result was CE-Tracker.ca!

CE-Tracker doesn’t just track CE Credits for one License or Designation, it tracks the Credits for them ALL! However, CE-Tracker doesn’t stop there. Just enter your License Date, and CE-Tracker knows the Renewal Date. Create your profile, and CE-Tracker knows your CE Requirements. In addition, CE-Tracker will also store all your CE Certificates, and then give them back with the built in Audit Functions. CE-Tracker is a necessary CE Compliance Tool for any Licensed Financial Services Professional in Canada.

CE-Tracker is a FREE service. Click here to create your profile and see in an instant how many CE Credits you need before your next renewals.
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