Our Testimonials


Bob Gardiner, guard.me International Insurance

Markham FPF, March 2017

“I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to this 2-day forum, as I had expected a linup of sessions that were not relevant to my career or interests. I was pleasantly surprised to find that each speaker presented some valuable tidbits that I can take away. I will recommend CE-credits Seminars for my colleagues, and I look forward to seeing you again next year!”

Enyat Michael Ali, E. Michael Ali Insurance & Investments

Markham FPF, March 2017

“I have just attended another 2 days of CE-credits.ca Financial Planners Forum to complete some CE Credits. I know that most of us attend these Forums just to get the CE Credits, but after 43 years as a Financial Advisor, I find that the presenters chosen by CE-credits.ca give me valuable information I can use in my business. I get CE Credits and still learn a lot.  Double benefit.”

Bryan Maltby, Adviant Financial Partners / FundEx Investments Inc

Hamilton FPF, May 2017

“Great variety of topics and paterial presented by dynamic and engaged speakers in a very friendly & comfortable environment. Would recommend highly to my colleagues.”

Crista Neddow, Manulife Financial

Casino Rama FPF, June 2017

“Over the years of being in the industry and the various ways I have earned my CE Credits, this is still the best! CE-credits.ca never disappoints, hence why I have been coming for 4 years. See you next year!!!”

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Audrey Dakin, Investors Group

London FPF, Nov 2016

“If, as a Certified Financial Planner you are serious about providing value to your clients, you need to attend the CE-credits.ca 2 day session. It’s important to keep abreast and ahead of all of the changes in our industry year in and year out.”

David Loucks, Freedom 55 Financial

Markham FPF, Nov 2016

“The two day session was very informative and a productive way to attain Continuing Education Credits. The broad range of topics covered kept the interest level up for the full two day event. The facilities for the meeting were fine and the food was great! Thanks for a good experience.”

John Osborne, 1424900 Ontario Ltd

Markham FPF, Nov 2016

“These presentations introduced me to enormous opportunities in my existing book of clients. These ideas will be used.”

Marlo M. Bondy, Vision Wealth Consultants

Caesars Windsor FPF, Oct 2016

“What and interesting and effective way to claim more CE Credits! I am glad we decided to use CE-credits.ca courses as it exposed us to some new and interesting ideas, as well as a look into what some of our competition is doing! Thank you.”

Doug Deichert, FaithLife Financial

Kitchener FPF, Oct 2016

“Very good selection of speakers and subjects this year. More relevant to the industry, with a good location and very interactive.”

Wayne Farrow, Farrow Pension & Benefits

Casino Niagara FPF, Oct 2016

“As a 35 year Group & Pension specialist, it’s difficult to find relevant ways to satisfy my CE Credit Requirements that are relevant to my business. I found most topics & speakers kept my attention & actually provided some specific ideas I can take back to my business.”

Keith Dawson, Investors Group

Toronto East FPF, Oct 2016

“CE-credits has a different but unique and refreshing approach in a more intimate  environment to deliver more effective courses, which are more relevant to our business. CE-credits.ca is not ‘Cookie Cutter’ and I like that. You will walk away with knowledge that you can use right away.”

Lou Mulligan, CFP, CLU, CHS, EPC, Semi-Retired

Toronto Pearson, August 2016

“CE-credits.ca is a great way to get updated on several areas important to Financial Planning. This is my fourth year attending and I’ve gained new information and heard from a different group of speakers each year. Part of the format includes speaker evaluation. This ensures that the best speakers and topics get the greatest attention.”

Celina Shoji, HollisWealth Advisory Services Inc

London FPF, Aug 2016

“An efficient use of my time. CE-credits.ca gathers a wide range of presenters with a variety of solutions including the hard-to-insure clients and avoiding home and auto insurance pitfalls under one venue. Very unique ideas that will differentiate me from other advisors.  Another bonus is the CE Credits that you earn.”

Ron Kearn, Investment Planning Council

Markham FPF, June 2016

“The two day conference was fantastic. Excellent presenters and topics. I would recommend a CE-credits.ca seminar for anyone in the Financial Services Industry interested in increasing their knowledge in a wide variety of areas.”

Joseph Bardaro, The Co-operators Insurance

Casino Niagara FPF, June 2016

“I thought this 2 day session was only about getting my CE Credits, but after getting through the 2 days, I can say that its much more than that. Lots of great ideas and take aways. It was great, and well worth the cost.”

Sue De Sousa, Sun Life Financial

Toronto Pearson FPF, Mar 2016

“These sessions were fantastic! All speakers were great and covered topics that were very interesting. I took lots of information away with me. The time went by fast as it was not boring (or “Ho-Hum”). A great way to earn CE Credits. I highly recommend it.”

Anthony Traversa, Anthony Traversa Financial Services

Toronto Pearson FPF, Mar 2016

“CE-credits.ca offers tremendous value for your CE dollar. I am not aware of any other CE program that provides the same range and quality of topics / speakers for such a reasonable cost.”

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Lisette Loran, Bank of Montreal

Toronto Pearson FPF, Dec 2015

“I was very pleasantly surprised that a Financial Planners Forum could be so informative without being bored or irrelevant to my business. I was able to take away some great ideas from each presenter and found the quality of the presenters excellent. Going forward I will be using CE-credits.ca on an annual basis to obtain my CE Credits and stay informed about trends + issues pertaining to the Financial Planning Profession. I commend CE-credits.ca for putting together such a great agenda + for keeping us on schedule.”

Kola Deru, Kola Deru Advisory Services

Toronto Pearson FPF, Dec 2015

“A collaborative environment to earn Continuing Education Credits. The speakers were outstanding, well-versed, and kept the audience engaged the entire day. I’m glad I chose CE-credits.ca.”

Iliya Markovinovic, QTrade Investor

Toronto Pearson FPF, Dec 2015

“This was my first time, and it was worth every penny and will do it again. There was an excellent use of time and I learned a lot. The presentations were great, and provided me with information that I can use in my practice immediately. I would recommend this to anyone needing CE Credits, and wanting education!”

Phil Stover, TD Wealth

Bowmanville FPF, Dec 2015

“Educational, Inspirational + Verifiable and a whole bunch more! This was my third event, and once again, you have exceeded my expectations. After two fun filled and information packed days, I am leaving with several great ideas that I will immediately implement into my business. CE-credits.ca does it right!”

Darren Green, Investors Group

Markham FPF, Nov 2015

“A broad range of information, much of which is relevant to my practice. Particularily useful at this time as I move into planning for 2016. The CRM2 talk was particularly topical and impactful, and Robert Gignac’s presentation from the client’s perspective reinforces the value that I bring to the table.”

Pam Mundell CFP, Pam Mundell Financial Planning Services

Kingston FPF, Nov 2015

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Financial Planners Forum. The line-up of speakers were excellent and I really got a lot out of each session!! I will definitely attend another event! Thank you.”

Tom Story,, CIBC Wood Gundy

Casino Niagara FPF, Oct 2015

“CE-credit.ca has organized a well-structured 2-day event with a number of excellent speakers with very useful information that can be implemented immediately. Excellent time management, as all presenters were kept on time. Well done CE-credits.ca, and thank you for a great 2 days!”

Lisa Raponi,, Educators Financial Group

Toronto East FPF, Oct 2015

“I like attending CE-credits.ca seminars because they focus on what I feel is important… Education! Their content is relevant and up to date with what is going on in our industry, and in the minds of our clients.”

Richard Miller, Investors Group Financial

Caesars Windsor FPF, Oct 2015

“Very worthwhile presentations. Several good, unique ideas were presented that I will use in my practice. It was also very convenient to earn my CE Credits in Windsor.”

Darren Devine, Sunlife

Kitchener FPF, Oct 2015

“CE-credits.ca provides a one stop shop for Financial Professionals to meet ongoing CE Credits Requirements in a fun and interactive environment by providing contemporary content that can be applied to your business instantly. I will use CE-credits.ca every year moving forward. Thanks.”

Pauline Chan, Desjardins Financial Security

Markham FPF, June 2015

“I enjoyed the 2 days of training. The presenters are very experienced. What they talked about and taught me was very impressive. I feel positive in my business after learning from them.”

Nancy Griffin, Mandeville Private Client Inc., Toronto

Casino Rama FPF, June 2015

“A cornucopia of very professional wealth resources to enhance the role of the wealth professional! It was a very enjoyable and extremely helpful two days! Thank you CE-credits.ca! It was Terrific!”

Mark Volkov, IPC Corp, GIC & Associates

Casino Niagara FPF, May 2015

“This is a very powerful and well organized 2 day CE Credit event. The presenters were excellent and there was a nice variety of subject matter. I will definitely attend future sessions to get my CE Credits. Aside from receiving the required credits, I also learned a few new things and was motivated and inspired by many of the presentations.”

Dan Matwey, Desjardins Financial Security

Kitchener FPF, May 2015

“With 2 Lunches and a $20 book, my 2-day cost was only $150 after tax. For that, I wipe out the risk of losing my license because of CE Credits, and I should generate at least $5,000 in new business from what I learned. That’s what I call a good value!”

Dave Sansom, Dave Sansom Insurance & Annuities

Toronto East FPF, April 2015

“I have attended many meetings over time to secure CE Credits, and I must say that the CE-credits.ca seminar is outstanding. Great speakers, tremendous Insurance related topics, and most importantly, accurate information. The meeting details of daily content is complete and provides valuable information to refer and use.”

John Page, Wealth Enhancement Academy

Toronto East FPF, April 2015

“I was surprised at the high quality of the presentations. The information was presented in a classroom format, which made it very comfortable, and All of the presenters were very good. I truly enjoyed the day.”

Michael Eddington, CPA, CA, Investors Group

London FPF, Mar 2015

“I greatly enjoyed my 2-day session with CE-credits.ca. It was interesting & informative, and the atmosphere was relaxed. There was a great attention to detail throughout.”

Nissen Butts, NB Inc

Toronto Pearson FPF, Mar 2015

“Thank you CE-credits.ca for a useful two days of a relevant array of interesting presentations. Both the presenters and the presentations were very professional and pertinent for both clients and for ourselves as advisors. I would be happy to refer CE-credits.ca to anyone looking to acquire their CE Credits as well as knowledge and the opportunity to meet other colleagues with whom I can keep in contact. Excellent venue, great lunches, and snacks. Thank you!”

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Bobby Kakkar, Beam A Life Inc

Toronto Pearson FPF, Dec 2014

“My sincere thanks to CE-credits.ca for providing an excellent platform for learning along with the requisite CE Credits in a time-efficient manner. I have been coming to CE-credits.ca seminars for 3 years now and I highly recommend anyone wishing to attain the credits that they need to do them through CE-credits.ca.”

Kelly Amo, Amo Financial Services

Bowmanville FPF, Dec 2014

“I would recommend CE-credits.ca. It started on time and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. The size of the group allowed for as much or as little participation as you chose. The topics were varied, which was refreshing, and not just about pushing products. I will use them again.”

Robert Sinden, HollisWealth

London FPF, Nov 2014

“With the goal of picking up the CE Credits I needed, I was pleasantly surprised. This was not just another plain vanilla conference. Much of the information was not typical, but very applicable, and very valuable. I will put some of the concepts and info into practice tomorrow morning.”

Jim Coolen, MAP Insurance

Ottawa FPF, Nov 2014

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the two days spent in Ottawa. The event was extremely well organized as was your attention to detail. You made the event enjoyable and fun. This is the first CE Event that I have attended where I was actually engaged and the speakers were new and refreshing, compared to the same old CE Events that I have attended in the past.”

John Barrett, D.F.S.I.N.

Hamilton FPF, Nov 2014

“I have attended other sessions to obtain my CE Credits.  This is the second time I have attended CE-credits.ca, and have found that I learn more in 2 days that can help me grow my business than at any other event. This is mainly due to the broad range of topics and presenters. This was well worth the investment of time!”

Trevor Huff, Georgian Bay Financial

Casino Rama FPF, Oct 2014

“I spent 2 days in an excellent location, with a group of speakers who related to my day-to-day business. This was a great reminder of the importance of the career and what we do for our clients. My best take home… ‘Clients don’t care how much you know… They want to know how much you care!’”

John Holt, Eric Holt & Associates

Casino Rama FPF, Oct 2014

“As a first timer to CE-credits.ca, I was surprised. They orchestrated a great line-up of useful and pertinent information that I can use in providing better value to my clients.”

Roopa Paramsethy, Opes Wealth Strategies

Toronto East FPF, Oct 2014

“CE-credits.ca is the best CE Provider! There was good interaction with the speakers, great meals, and a friendly atmosphere provide. Great speakers with whom you can interact and chat with one-on-one for more information and networking. Extremely useful topics for business owners.”

Claude Grunfelder, RFP, CFP, CIFP, CHFS, D.F.S.I.N.

Toronto Pearson FPF, Aug 2014

“I really enjoyed your course and your selection of excellent speakers. I spent 2 days without seeing the time fly, and was not bored at all, this is very rare for me. I always bring something to read in order to pass the time. I did not, for one second, think about using my time for anything other than to listen to the speakers, and enjoy the course. Thank you!”

Scott Blair, Manulife Securities

Toronto East FPF, June 2014

“I am cynical by nature, and I was skeptical going into this program. I really thought I was just going to blow off two days to rack up the last minute CE Credits. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In 2 days I came away with many ideas on how to make my practice better. Presenters were experienced, thorough, practical, and gave many useful pieces of information. Thank you CE-Credits.ca!”

Jeffrey Goodman, Assante Capital

Toronto East FPF, June 2014

“I expected these 2 days to cover the same old topics, but I was surprised!  Many of the topics were very different from the conventional topics usually covered. They showed me new ways to help my clients, and to offer advice and service that will benefit their financial health. The presenters were excellent, and were masters of the content they were presenting.

Daniel Bilas, Milestone Wealth & Estate Planning Group

Markham FPF, May 2014

“I found the topic selection to be thoughtful and practical. The best part of the session was the personal contact and size of the group. I was part of a like minded group of professionals. Compared to other conferences where I was one of hundreds in huge rooms, this was a very positive experience.”

Mumin Basic, RBC

Kitchener FPF, Apr 2014

“As this was my first non-bank event I was unsure what to expect. As the first day went on, it was clear to me I had made a wise decision attending the ce-credits.ca seminar. The two days allowed me to gain some knowledge which I can bring to my clients and network with my peers which was invaluable. As an advisor our industry is constantly changing and updating, it was a great way to refresh your practice. The seminar by far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to attending another in the fall time.”

Rick Matchett, Rickenrick Wealth Partners

London FPF, Mar 2014

“I found the presenters were very passionate about their topics. The topics were interesting and varied. I enjoyed the intimate group of advisors who attended and it helped stimulate some interesting conversations. I would highly recommend this fun and interactive two day event!”

Joanne Tom, Credential Asset Management

Toronto East FPF, Mar 2014

“I signed up to earn CE Credits, and I was expecting to be bored and stuffed into a large room with equally bored peers. I was pleasantly surprised how interesting and diversified the topics were. I was very impressed on how the number of participants are kept at a level to promote networking and interaction. I learned more from this 2-day session than I ever did from other providers. Thank you :)”

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