Solving the Challenge of Growing Your Advisor Network

Are Active Financial Advisors Your Target Client?

Become a Presenter

Knowing your target client, and reaching your target client are two completely different things! Then to add the extra layer of finding the Financial Advisors who are qualified enough to use your products / services takes your challenge to the next level! is the solution that you are looking for. Our live events give you the opportunity to speak directly to a captive audience for a full hour without interruption. You get to explain how your company can solve a problem for them or their clients, and answer any questions they may have.

How can you be sure our events have your Target Advisors? Simple, check our Attendee Demographics and see for yourself.
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Our Core Values

  • Educational
  • Inspirational
  • Verifiable
  • Interactive

At content is King; our attendees are King, and; our presenters are King!  How is this possible!  Simple, we create an environment for your presentation where you can focus on the delivering your best performance, we make you feel like a Rock Star, and you get to show the attendees how important they are to you!  When this is done well, our Core Values come shining through, and everyone wins.




What Makes Our Events Different?

  • Quality Attendees
  • Variety of Quality Presenters

Discover what sets our CE Events apart from the rest, and how we have raised the bar of Continuing Education.
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At, we are very proud of the type of advisors that we attract to our events.  So much so, that we are happy to make the Demographic Profile of our attendee’s public!  After a brief examination of our demographics, it becomes obvious that the Advisors in our rooms are the true professionals of the industry!  They are in the middle of their career, earning top 10% incomes, and hold multiple Licenses and Designations.  Best of all, they are Local!

How Do You Become a Presenter?

The first step in getting your company on our event agendas is to contact us.  Simply fill out the contact form here with any questions that you may have, and we will get back to you, to begin the conversation.