Our Difference

What Sets the CE-credits.ca Events Apart from the Rest?

Our Difference

CE-credits.ca understands what the Financial Planning business is all about… what Continuing Education events are like… and we understand the Gap that exists between the two at other events. How is this possible? We were Financial Planner’s for over 14 years! We built a practice, we built an office, we advised clients, and we obtained hundreds of hours of Continuing Education Credits for our renewals. We know what the real career of a Financial Advisor is all about, and we know what they want out of their Continuing Education experience.

Our Core Values

Our core corporate values provide us with a guide and an objective perspective when building all of our event agendas.


  • Our corporate policy does not allow any 2 companies to discuss the same product, service, or concept at the same event. When you choose your presentation topic, you own that Advisor’s mind space. Less repetition equals more education and more interest.


  • Inspiration is an idea that the attendee is motivated to begin using in their business! Every presentation has an idea or concept that the presenter believes will solve a problem for either the Advisor or their Clients.


  • Every presentation performed at our events must be accredited! If the CE Credit is not accepted by their Governing Bodies, the it is a waste of their time, regardless of your topic.


  • CE-credits.ca events are more interactive than most venues you have ever presented at. At our events, you are not making a speech, you are having a conversation!

When these core values are all combined at our live events, the result is an experience for the presenters and attendees alike that far surpasses anything that they have experienced at any other CE Event!

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CE-credits.ca gives you more than just a presentation time!

We believe that your presentation is only the beginning of the communication process with the attendees of our events.

  • Attendees Contact List
    • We commit to send you a fully CASL compliant Contact List of all attendees from the event by noon on the day following the event. This Contact List will contain all of the relevant information about each attendee, as well as their full demographic profile!
  • Feedback Report
    • Along with the Contact List, every presenter will receive a detailed Feedback Report that is compiled from all of the Exit Surveys returned to us during the event. Not only does this report let you know what the attendees thought of your presentation, but it also provides a way to evaluate your performance, and make improvements if necessary.
  • CE Certificate
    • CE-credits.ca will issue the CE Certificate to every attendee on the day following the event by 3:00pm! Not only does this provide the CE Certificate to the attendees sooner than they expected, but it removes this administrative task from each presenter.
  • Private Webpage for Attendees
    • After the event, we build a private page on our website that only the attendees of the event can access. Here the attendees can review a PDF copy of your presentation slides, and contact you as a your contact information accompanies your slides.
  • CE-Now On-Demand

    • In the case of our WebCast events, your presentation is not just WebCasted across Canada, but it is also recorded. This recording can then be added to our CE-Now On-Demand service, where it can be viewed by hundreds of Advisors at their convenience. This presentation now becomes a resource for you and your company, that can continue to support your Advisor communication goals well into the future! In addition, we will send you another CASL compliant list every month of the advisors who have watched your presentation.

How Do You Become a Presenter?

  • Contact Us
    • If you would like to make a presentation at our events, then your first step is to contact us.  Tell us about your presentation topic, and we will ensure that you are the only company presenting that topic at our events.  Click below to go to the Presenters Contact Form, and we will respond to you email.  We look forward to hearing from you.