2021 CE Membership has its Privledges!

With CE Requirements increasing for Licenses and Designations across Canada, now more than ever you need lots of CE Credits, and they all have to be accredited.  Having said that, with so many options on how to earn your CE Credits, shouldn’t you pay one price and have the choice of HOW you earn them?

That day has come, and now you can earn your CE Credits via Live Webcasts, On-Demand Presentations, and In-Person Events.  You get to choose which combination works best for you!

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Live Webcasts

The ultimate in convenience!  Earn 15 CE Credits in only 2 days with our Live Webcasts, and get the most up to date information that we offer.  We are constantly recording new content to bring you the greatest variety of relevant information that empowers you to reach a higher level of success for your family and your clients!

These Live Webcasts can be accessed from anywhere in Canada.  Webcasts are also made available throughout the year, and especially when you need your CE Credits the most, as we even offer a webcast during the last week of the year!  Your attendance is tracked through the system which means that there are no tests required.  Just sign in and enjoy the show!  If you have any questions, then you can type then into the chat, and your presenters can respond to you in real time!

To make the webcast more interesting, we add in fun videos, poll questions for every presentation, and draws for gift cards where you get to choose the gift card you want!  And it is not a problem if you want to watch any of the presentations again, as you will always have full access to the webcast recordings anytime in the future!

Register for a Live Webcast today and discover how Continuing Education can drive your business to greater success.

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In-Person Events

Covid-19 has highlighted how important human contact is!  In-Person CE Events provide you with an experience that goes beyond your expectations for CE Events.

Drive your business to new heights with new information from experts across the industry.  Enjoy convenient locations in top grade hotels, with the convenience of free parking, and some of the best food you will have at a CE Event.  Plus all of the extras that include amazing door prizes and the most enjoyment that you ever had at a CE Event.

Best of all, you will have full access to the presenters to ask any questions you have, as well as the opportunity to have a private conversation if you want!


The Largest Library of On-Demand Presentations in Canada!

With more than 200 presentations available to you on-demand, you get full control over the Continuing Education you receive.  Insurance, Investments, Business Management, Tax & Estate Planning, etc, you get to choose the education you want, and then you can watch and earn at your convenience.

12:00am to 11:59pm, Monday to Sunday, January to December, any day, any time, 24 / 7 / 365!  It does not matter when you want to earn your CE Credits, we are open and available for you!  Best of all, once you complete a course, your CE Certificate is instantly emailed to you.  If you accidentally delete your CE Certificate, or just lose track of it… No Problem, you can download or email another copy to yourself anytime!

Having said all of that, the greatest advantage you get is that the On-Demand Library is constantly updated with new presentations that are being recorded all the time.  You can continue to learn new and up to date information about your business by maintaining your CE Membership through the year, and that is what Continuing Education is supposed to be all about!



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