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These Bundles are designed to give you all the CE Credits you need in all the right categories!  Never worry about going over your Max in a category, or not having enough in another.  These Bundles are guaranteed to pass your CE Audits!

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Every CFP Professional must earn 1 Professional Responsibility credit every year!

CE-Now has 3 options available for you On-Demand.

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Live Events in a City Near You

Earn 15 Verifiable CE Credits in 2-Days

14 presentations, and 14 different topics!  No more theme days that repeat information and concepts every hour.  This event will give you new, relevant, and useful information that will drive your business for the next year.

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Live Webcast on a Computer or Device Near You

Just login and watch the event unfold on the screen.  No Traffic, No Parking, and No Quizzes

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CE-Tracker:  Your Free Online CE Compliance Tool

Create your personal profile with all of your Licenses and Designations.  Then just enter your the CE Credits that you earn, and CE-Tracker will allocate them to each of your Licenses and Designations.  As a result, you will complete your CE Requirements faster and will less worry.

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