Continuing Education is ALL We Do was built to provide Continuing Education for the 21st century Advisor. Over the past 15 years CE Requirements have changed to become stricter, and leading to more CE Audits.

We recognize the Evolution of CE Credits

  • From CE Credit hours
  • To Verifiable CE Credits
  • To Categorized Verifiable CE Credits
  • To Mandatory Verifiable Ethics CE Credits

The CE Provider of Choice

At we have made sure that we don’t just know the rules and requirements, but that we are also providing these CE Credits, and more.

ce-services-3 offers 3 ways to Earn Your CE Credits:

  1. At Live Events
    • Live and Local events give you access to 2-days jam packed with an agenda that is relevant to any Financial Advisors business
  2. Via Live Webcasts
    • View anywhere from anywhere!  Remote access to our Live Events via Webcast gives you more control when trying to fit a CE Event into your schedule, while still giving you all of the benefits of a live event, including the ability to ask your presenters a question.
  3. On-Demand on Your Schedule
    • Our CE-Now On-Demand service gives you the ultimate control over your CE Credits, as you get to choose what topics that you want to learn about, and when you want to watch them.  To give you even more control, you can choose to watch 1 presentation in a sitting, or a bunch of them.  You get to decide!

Each of our options to help you earn your CE Credits has its own set of advantages. Click to discover which advantages work best for your needs.
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CE-Tracker: Improving CE Administration Forever!

CE-Tracker is the latest innovation from 

The Advisors Most Stressing Questions in December (and all through the year) are:

  • What are my CE Requirements?
  • How many CE Credits do I have?
  • How many CE Credits do I need?
  • What CE Events did I attend?
  • Do I have all of my CE Certificates?
  • Where can I earn my last CE Credits?

Create your profile on CE-Tracker and you will never stress from these issues ever again. Click Here

CE-Tracker is Your CE Compliance Solution

CE Services

CE-Tracker was designed to answer these questions and more! CE-Tracker is a complete CE Compliance Tool designed to help you to easily track and organize your CE Activities for ALL of your Licenses and Designation in one place. has done what none of the Governing Bodies could, with CE-Tracker. Each Governing Body is tasked with governing their own members. None of them have a mandate, nor can have a mandate to provide service for another Governing Bodies members. This is why no organization will track credits for another organization. This is where CE-Tracker comes in!

CE-Tracker is the CE Compliance Tool that you have been waiting for. Click here to create your profile. Click Here