The Unlimited CE Plan

It’s ALL Included!

You get access to:

  • Our entire On-Demand Library, with 200+ Presentations
  • Any Live Webcast scheduled for 2021.  Each is 2 days, and provides you with 15 Verifiable CE Credits.
  • Attend 1 of our In-Person Events during Fall 2021.  Kitchener, Markham, or Toronto Pearson!

The only question now is “How do you want to earn your CE Credits?”

CE-Now On-Demand

On Demand

Since the beginning of COVID we have all discovered how truely convenient being online is!

Continuing Education is no different!  CE-Now is the On-Demand service from that is unlike any other on-demand service you have ever seen. No narrated slideshows, and no fake webinars!

CE-Now is the CE solution that you are looking for. You get the convenience of On-Demand, coupled with the choice to select any presentation available.

The Benefits of CE-Now

  • Recorded Presentations from our Live Events in 2019, and new recorded Zooms from 2020 onward!
  • The Convenience of earning your CE Credits on your Schedule
  • The control of customizing your Continuing Education to your interests
  • You know which Governing Body accredited the presentation BEFORE you choose
  • Receive your CE Certificate instantly upon completion of a 5-question multiple choice quiz
  • Your CE Certificates are emailed to you instantly upon completing the full course

Live Webcasts give you the Event experience from the comfort of your Home or Office.

Discover what happens when you combine a fun and interactive webcast, with information that is relevant to your business, and your clients!

15 Live Webcasts are scheduled for 2021, and each will have a unique Agenda!  Look for more than 50 new presentations recorded in 2021 to appear on the webcasts as we continue to create new presentations for you with presenters you know, and many new presenters you don’t know yet!

Through our Webcast technology, you can:

  • Interact with your presenters in real time through the chat window
  • Participate in the Poll Questions for every presentation
  • Answer Trivia Questions and earn a ballot for the end of event draws
  • Win a Gift Card of your choice ($100, $50, or $25)
  • Best of all, you learn more than you ever have at a CE Event in only 2 days, while you will wonder where the time went, as you had so much fun!

In-Person Events Return in Fall 2021!
The Financial Planners Forum rises again!

We miss seeing you in person, and we are looking forward to seeing you again!

Fall 2021, we will once again be hosting In-Person Events.  We are working closely with the hotels to ensure that all COVID Protocols are in place to ensure your safety.  But we are taking it one step further!  It is a requirement for everyone attending the event to prove that they have received both doses of the COVID vacine!  We have not stayed in our house for a year, just to get careless when we think it’s over, and we are not willing to risk your health either!

Live, Webcast, AND On-Demand is all included with the 2021 Unlimited CE Plan.

Click Here: “The 2021 Unlimited CE Plan”

The Difference is Alive!

Every On-Demand presentation was recorded during our Live WebCasts. Now you get to see all the passion and energy the presenter brings to their performance. You also get to hear their responses to the questions they are asked in the room during their presentation, and feel like you are in the room.



As a result, these presentations feel alive, and are more interesting to watch because of it.

Earn Your CE Credits 24 / 7 / 365!

CE-Now is the continuing Education event that doesn’t have a closing time.  Any time of the day, any day of the week, and any month of the year.  When you have an hour to earn a CE Credit, CE-Now is waiting for you.

You can earn all of your CE Credits over a single weekend, or you can spread them out to do 1 CE Credit every 2 weeks.  You decide when and where to earn your CE Credits.  Now you can focus on your business when it needs you.

The Control to choose your content

With 159 presentations currently online, you have an amazing variety of presentations to choose from, regardless if you need 1 CE Credit, or 30 CE Credits.  Just choose the presentations that you want, and then watch them in any order you wish!

Try CE-Now for Free and earn 1 CE Credit.  Click Here: “The Plan According to FP Canada & Advocis”

We have 3 CFP Professional Responsibility Credits.

Professional Responsibility Applied 2020

Search our On-Demand Library 

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The Growing CE-Now Library

  • 200+ Presentations available, and growing!
  • English and French presentations
  • Accredited by FP Canada, The Institute (IAFE), Alberta Accreditation Committee (AAC for AIC) & La Chambre (CSF)

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Receive your CE Certificate upon completion

On Demand

After watching each presentation, you will have to complete a short 5-question multiple choice quiz. Once you get 3 or more answers correct, then your CE Certificate will be instantly emailed to you. If you get less than 3 right, no problem. You have an unlimited number of attempts.

Once completed, your courses are stored in the “Completed Courses” section of your account, allowing you to access your CE Certificate if you ever accidentally delete the original email.