Live Webcast

Watch our Live Webcasts on your Computer or Mobile Device from Anywhere in Canada!

COVID-19 has motivated us to change our Webcasts for the Better!  We have ramped up our production value to bring you an entertaining, and educational show where time just flies by!

Included with The Webcast: 

  • 15 Verifiable CE Credits in 2 Days.
  • 14 Presentation & 14 Unique Topics
  • Including 2 CFP Professional Responsibility Credits
  • All Presentations recorded via Zoom and are Exclusive to the Webcasts
  • Chat in real time with your Presenters
  • Participate in Live Polls, and Trivia
  • Win Gift Cards of your choosing ($100, $50, & $25)
  • Presenters from across Canada can be on any Webcast… Location no longer matters!
  • Watch Live from anywhere in Canada (Time shift to local time in Western Canada)
  • Watch on any Computer, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile Device

Event Pricing

Watch a Live Webcast

  • 15 Verifiable CE Credits in 2 Days = $199+tax
  • Watch from your home or office, anywhere in Canada

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Attend an In-Person Event

  • 15 Verifiable CE Credits in 2 Days = $199+tax
  • Kitchener, Markham, & Toronto Pearson

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OR Get Included with your Unlimited CE Plan

  • Live, Webcast & On Demand = $329+tax
    • Attend 1 In-Person Event in Ontario
    • Watch any Live Webcast from anywhere in Canada
    • Watch any On-Demand Presentation 24 / 7 / 365

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The 4 Principles of our Financial Planners Forum Webcast

  • Educational
  • Inspirational
  • Verifiable
  • Interactive
  • BONUS: All presentations recorded in 2021!

Find the Webcast that best fits your schedule, and earn your CE Credits at your home or office.

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The True Webcast Benefit

The true benefit of the Webcast is choice! Now you can choose to attend any Webcast on your computer at a convenient date. In addition, you may want to see different presenters than those who only present in your geographic area. Every Webcast has Presenters from across Canada on the agenda. The Webcast gives you a much greater choice of the Continuing Education that you want to see.

A variety of topics relevant to your business

  • We evaluate the topics that the presenters propose for the event to ensure that they are relevant to either your clients, or your business.

The convenience of your computer

  • The Webcast eliminates the need to battle traffic and search for a parking space, but instead you choose how to watch, be it on your computer or a tablet. All this convenience, plus having the option to select among more event dates!

Receiving the CE Certificate with Verifiable CE Credits within 24 hours after the event

  • No event is complete until you receive your CE Certificate, and no CE Certificate is complete unless they have the Verifiable CE Credit Codes on them. We are committed to providing you with your CE Certificate by 3:00pm on the day following your Live Event.