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CE-Tracker is the first online CE Tracking Service for every License & Designation in the Canadian Financial Services industry. The reason that this is now necessary is because over the past few years CE Compliance has increased into regular CE Audits and Enforcement Penalties. For Advisors, this means that a response during an audit of “I didn’t know”, is just not acceptable any more. As a result, CE-Tracker is the most important CE Compliance Tool available to Canadian Advisors today!

The New World of CE Compliance

Every year various Governing Bodies across Canada update their rules, policies, and requirements regarding Continuing Education. Yet every year, many advisors spend their December trying to find their particular CE Requirements, and then checking the CE Credits they have earned to see if they have enough. Their stress really increases if they don’t have enough CE Credits, and then have to try to find them in short order.

These are just some of the problems and challenges that CE-Tracker solves!

CE-Tracker has been vetted by your Governing Bodies

All 16 Governing Bodies across Canada were given an advanced preview of CE-Tracker, and all of them have ensured that the information contained in CE-Tracker relating to them was correct.  This gives you the confidence knowing that CE-Tracker is providing you with the correct and up to date information on your CE Requirements, Renewal Dates, and the number of CE Credits you have earned.  CE-Tracker is also updated every year, to ensure that all rule changes are applied to your Licenses and Designations seamlessly, and without you having to do anything.

Benefits of using CE-Tracker, the FREE Online CE Credits Tracking Service:

  • Track your CE Credits for EVERY License and Designation you hold!
    • This is convenience without duplication, and with up to date information for any combination of Licenses and Designations across Canada.
  • Instantly check your CE Summary
    • With the click of a button you can view your CE Requirements, including the category breakdown, and how many CE Credits you have earned to date!
  • Store your CE Certificates in the Encrypted CE Vault
    • No more paper files, and no more lost CE Certificates.  With the stricter requirements of Verifiable CE Credits now demanded by most governing Bodies, the reality is that your CE Credits do not count unless you have a CE Certificate with the accreditation numbers on it.  This CE Vault safeguards you against future audits.  In addition, our system knows when you have not yet received your CE Certificate as well, thus allowing you to follow up with your CE Provider to get it.
  • Many CE Credits can be counted for multiple Licenses and Designations
    • CE-Tracker knows which Governing Bodies will accept which CE Credits.  CE-Tracker will then apply your CE Credits earned to EVERY License and Designation that accepts them, thus reducing the total number of CE Credits you need to earn!
  • 2 Click Audit Functions provide everything you need in case of a CE Audit!
    • No one likes being audited for CE Credits, but it is a common occurrence.  Just 2 clicks will get you a full report that includes your CE Summary, a listing of the CE Credits you have earned, as well as all of the CE Certificates that are specific to the License or Designation you are being audited for.
  • 256 bit Encryption and Instant System Backups keep your information private and secure!
    • Without encryption and System Backups, what’s the point.  CE-Tracker uses the latest technology to ensure that your information remains private, and secure!  It is also housed on Canadian Servers ensuring that your information can not be commandeered by any foreign governments.

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What makes CE-Tracker different than just reporting to my Governing Body Directly?

CE Tracker Differences

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