Your Career Requires CE Compliance

Ce Requirements

The Canadian Financial Services industry is divided into 2 main parts; Licenses and Designations


  • Allows an individual to earn a contract with a company to sell their products as a representative.


  • Allows an individual to provide specialized advice

These simple definitions can be simply demonstrated with the example of a car. The License allows you to drive the car, but the designation can certify you as a Race-Car Driver, or a Certified Mechanic! There is a big difference in knowledge.

The Complicated Problem

Just as it exists with vehicles (Motorcycles, Boats, Trucks, Farms, Family Car), there are a lot of variations with Licensing in the Canadian Financial Services industry.

  • 11 Provincially Regulated Life Licenses
  • 2 Nationally Regulated Mutual Fund Licenses
  • 23 Nationally Regulated Professional Designations

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Unfortunately, for the Financial Advisor, there is no standard combination of Licenses and Designations!  Advisors can choose which Province to earn their Life License in; which Mutual Fund License to hold, and which Professional Designation will provide the knowledge that will allow them to provide the specialized advice to their clients.


The issue here that complicated the problem is that each of the Governing Bodies that govern each of these Licenses and Designations have their own set of CE Requirements that their Advisors must comply with in order to renew for the next Cycle.

The CE Requirement Reference Tables has been in contact with every Governing Body listed in these pages to ensure that the information in these pages are accurate. These tables include the following information for each License and Designation:

  • Next Renewal Date
  • # of CE Credits Required
  • CE Credit Categories
  • Min. and Max. # CE Credits per Category
  • Are Verifiable CE Credits Required?

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