Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find out about upcoming events and Promo Codes for a discount on my registration?

Simple, just sign up for weekly email. We do have  various promotions that we include in our weekly emails from January to September.  We may also announce special promotions at any time of the year as well. Then just enter the promo code when you register to receive your  discount automatically.

What's the difference between buying the Unlimited CE Plan when I register for a live webcast, or buying it separately afterward?

The only difference is that it is 2 steps instead of one.

If you know that you need more than 15 CE Credits, then you might as well choose the Unlimited CE Plan option when you register for the Live Webcast.

However, if you are using for the first time to earn your CE Credits, then just buy the webcast.  If you like the content, then you can always upgrad to the Unlimited CE Plan after the webcast by emailing us to ask for the upgrade.  The difference either way is only $130 more.

Is there a time limit to watch / earn my CE Credits On Demand from

No, there is no time limit.

As long as you have an on-demand course that you have not completed, you have access to it.  This will allow you to hold a course until “next year” if you have enough CE Credits for “this year” already.

What happens if I lose / delete my CE Certificate?

If it is a CE-Now CE Certificate; just log in, select “My Enrollments”, then click on “Completed Courses”, and select the lost CE Certificate from the list.

If it is a CE Certificate from a Live Webcast, just email us through the contact form on this website, and request a replacement CE Certificate. Please provide us with your name, and the event that you attended. We do archive all CE Certificates we issue for this exact reason.

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Are the CE Credits I earn at your events valid for all my Licenses and Designations?

The simplest answer I can provide is “Most of the time”. We ensure that every presentation that is performed on our site is accredited before they are made available to you.  This allows us to provide Verifiable CE Credits on our CE Certificates. Many of the Governing Bodies across Canada will accept these CE Credits. However, there are a few organizations that will only accept credits that they have accredited internally.

We have created the CE Requirements page on this website to answer these exact questions.  Watch the CE Requirements video for your licenses/designations for more information, or click the link to go to the CE Requirements page on your Governing Bodies website.

Can help me if I am being Audited by my Governing Body?

Yes, absolutely!

We know that either getting an extension on the renewal of your License or Designation, or preparing for a CE Audit is a very stressful time for you. Click the button below to contact us with the full details of your situation, and we will answer you as best as we can.

While we do not represent any of your Governing Bodies, we have certainly dealt with all of them for this exact issue, and can provide you with the correct guidance.

Help! I need CE Credits

How do I access On Demand CE Credit courses?

Simple, go to is our CE Credit portal.  If this is your first time on the site, then Sign Up for a new account, or just Sign In if you are coming back.  Please be aware that if you have not been on the site for more than a year, the system will disable your account.  Just click Forgot Password on the Sign In page, and we will ensure that your account is active.

Once you are signed in, it is easy to find any Live Webcasts, CE Bundles, or individual On Demand courses to fill your CE Requirements.

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Can I get access to On Demand courses before the Live Webcast if I have the Unlimited CE Plan?

Of course, the answer is Yes.

However, please be aware that your Governing Bodies will not accept duplicate presentations.

Before you choose any on demand presentations, please check the webcast agenda to verify that you will not be duplicating any CE Credits.

NOTE: does only uses presentations recorded in the current year on the Live Webcasts.  This guarantees you of 2 facts.  First, you will get current and up to date information at all of our Live Webcasts, and secondly, you can be sure that if you do an on demand presentation from a previous year that you will not duplicate any CE Credits earned at a Live Webcast.

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Where do I find out the agenda for any of the Live Webcasts?

We include an agenda for each Live Webcast on the home page for each webcast on

Just find the webcast you are considering, and click on it.

The agendas early in the year are certainly more fluid than during the second half of the year.  This is because most presentations are recorded in the first half of the year, and things can change weekly.  However, the agenda is usually finalized at least one week before every webcast.

We also email you the final agenda along with sign in instructions a few days before any webcast.

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