Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible that CE-Tracker is a FREE Service? What’s the catch?

CE-Tracker is an important CE Compliance Tool that we have created for the Financial Services industry. We as a company also provide CE Credits to the industry. While it is not mandatory for anyone to purchase our CE Credits as a condition of using CE-Tracker, we just hope that you may consider using us if you do need more CE Credits.

Where do I find the Promo Codes for a discount on my registration fee for a live event?

Simple, just sign up for weekly email. We do have  various promotions that we include in our weekly emails from January to September.  We may also announce special promotions at any time of the year as well. Then just enter the promo code when you register to receive your  discount automatically.

What is the difference between purchasing the On-Demand Bundle when I register for the live event, or buying it separately afterward?

There are 2 differences. First of all, we check your on-demand selections to ensure that there are no duplicate presentations from what you had at the event. Secondly, the add-on price has an additional discount on the cost of the on-demand CE Credit Bundle.

Is there a time limit for watching / earning my CE Credits from CE-Now On-Demand?

No, there is no time limit. As long as you have an on-demand course that you have not completed, you have access to it. This will allow you to hold a course until “next year” if you have enough CE Credits for “this year” already. However, once you have completed the course, you will no longer have access to anything other than your CE Certificate through your account.

What happens if I lose / delete my CE Certificate?

If it is a CE-Now CE Certificate; just log in, select “My Enrollments”, then click on “Completed Courses”, and select the lost CE Certificate from the list.

If it is a CE Certificate from a live event or WebCast, just email us through the contact form on this website, and request a replacement CE Certificate. Please provide us with your name, and the event that you attended. We do archive all CE Certificates we issue for this exact reason.

Are the CE Credits I earn at your events valid for all my Licenses and Designations?

The simplest answer I can provide is “Most of the time”. We ensure that every presentation that is performed at our events are accredited before they are presented on our stage. This allows us to provide Verifiable CE Credits on our CE Certificates. Many of the governing Bodies across Canada will accept these CE Credits. However, there are a few organizations that will only accept credits that they have accredited internally. Please contact us through the form on this website to clarify this answer.

In order to provide a more succinct answer, just click on the “CE Requirements” option in the menu above to see more details about your particular Licenses and Designations.

CE-Now does have courses accredited by various governing bodies across Canada to ensure that you can earn the exact CE Credits that you do need to meet your exact CE Requirements.

Can help me with my Compliance Plan requested by my Governing Body?

Yes, absolutely! We know that either getting an extension on the renewal of your License or Designation, or preparing for a CE Audit is a very stressful time for you. Contact us through the form on this website with the full details of your situation, and we will answer you as best as we can. While we do not represent any of your Governing Bodies, we have certainly dealt with all of them for this exact issue, and can provide you with some guidance.

How do I access CE-Now On-Demand courses?

Simple, go to, either Register for a new account or Sign-in, then click “Enrollments” at the top right side of the screen, or “My Enrollments” on the drop-down menu under your name.

Can I get access to my CE-Now courses before the live event if I added an On-Demand Bundle to my live event registration?

While there are exceptions for every rule, we prefer not to make these courses available until after the event. This is because many times presenters will bring a different presentation to the event on a USB stick, and sometimes a situation occurs where a presenter is replaced last minute. It is only after the live event that we are able to guarantee that there are no duplicates between the presentations you saw live, and those you watched on demand. You are NOT allowed to count the same presentation twice when you submit to your Governing Bodies.

How do I find out which presentations are going to be on the agenda for any of the live events?

We include an agenda for each live event (including live WebCasts) on our event calendar. Just find the event you are considering, and scroll down to the agenda. Sometimes, we do have last minute changes as presenters can change their presentation when they arrive, and other times, we have a presenter that is replaced last minute. We also will send you a “Final” agenda along with all of the details for the event 1 week before the event.