Our Commitment

Continuing Education the way it should be!

Would you ask a plumber to do your taxes, or your Accountant to fix the leaky pipes in your house? Of course not! We believe that you always hire the expert in their field.

Continuing Education is about more than just knowing if a presentation can be accredited. It is about knowing what it is to BE a Financial Advisor serving clients, and then raising the bar of Continuing Education to provide education that is relevant to your business and your clients. This is the difference that CE-credits.ca brings to our Continuing Education Services.



Our Continuing Education Events provide:

  • Education Relevant to your Business and Your Clients
  • Presentations that Inspire you with new Ideas
  • Verifiable CE Credits that will pass any CE Audit
  • An Interactive and Engaging atmosphere that brings the event to life
  • Fast Next Day email delivery of your CE Certificate
  • Access to all of the Presentation Slides PDFs after the event

Relevant Education

Being a Financial Advisor is about more than just selling Life Insurance and Investments.  Our 2 Day live events are packed with 14 presentations on 14 different topics.  No repetition, and no competing companies.

The topics on our agendas include many that you have never seen before, but all are relevant to your business.  While some presentations are about Products, others cover Client Issues, Business Management Issues, Professional Responsibility, Marketing for Financial Advisors, and much more.

Inspirational Presentations

In our opinion, Education is about more than just earning a CE Credit.  Education is intended to inspire!  Our greatest challenge is to find presenters who can Inspire you to learn at our events.

Inspiration is the difference between attending an Event to earn CE Credits, and attending for the Education.  Every presentation on the agenda will provide you with ideas that you can use to help your client, or your business.

Verifiable CE Credits

“Verifiable” means that a presentation has been reviewed and accredited by one of the Governing Bodies and has been given an accreditation code.  Most organizations now require Verifiable CE Credits to renew the License or Designation they govern.  This is CE Compliance.

We ensure every presentation at our events are accredited.  This ensures your CE Compliance. With CE Audits becoming commonplace, it is more important than ever to earn the CE Credits that they will accept.

Interactive & Engaging

The most important voice in our event rooms are yours!  We believe that true education can’t happen unless you have your questions answers, your opinions shared, and your voices heard!

Right from the very first presentation, you will know that this is a different event.  Our events are not Lectures…  Is it the Financial Planners Forum!

Next Day CE Certificate Delivery

As a natural extension of ensuring all presenters are accredited before they present at our events, we are able to issue your CE Certificate via email by 3pm on the day following the event!  Now you get to file your CE Certificate while the event is still fresh in your mind!  And if you ever misplace our CE Certificate, just contact us, and we will resend it!  We keep ALL CE Certificates we have ever issued on file for you… Just in case.

After Event Presentation Access

Since a photographic memory is a rare gift, all attendees of our events will receive access to a private webpage for the event.  This is where you will find a PDF copy of all presentation slides for you to review at any time.  In addition to these PDFs, you will also find the contact information for all the presenters.  Now if you have any questions from your review, you can still get an accurate answer.